Help center


Adding a product

  1. Press + and press Add product,

  2. Enter name, add (up to 5) images and / or other media, enter description, add product options, add recommended products or pages, enter price, select currency and shipping method,
  3. Press Add.


Adding a page

  1. Press + and press Add page,

  2. Enter title, add (up to 5) images and / or other media, enter content, add recommended products or pages
  3. Press Add.

Assigning a page to a menu

  1. Edit page,
  2. Tick Add to Menu,

  3. Select Header or Footer,
  4. Press Save.


  1. Press and press Orders,

  2. Edit an order,
  3. Change order status.


Adding your data

  1. Press and press Profile,

  2. Add image, select account type and enter First and last name, Address / Street / Number, ZIP code, Town, Country, Mobile Phone,
  3. Tick Make my address public,
    By marking this option, you agree that your address will be sent to the customer in the order confirmation.
  4. Tick Make my phone public,
    By marking this option, you agree that your phone will be sent to the customer in the order confirmation.
  5. Edit your Profile identity:
    • Profile address,
    • Profile name
  6. You can also add couple things about you in Your story section,
  7. Press Save.

Social links

  1. Press Social tab,
  2. Enter Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, Instagram urls,
  3. Press Save.

Changing account data

  1. Press Account tab,
  2. Tick Change e-mail if you want to change your e-mail address,
  3. Tick Change password if you want to change your password,
  4. Press Save.

If you want to delete your account, press Remove my account


Shipping & Payment

  1. Press and press Settings,
  2. Press Sales tab,

  3. Tick Sales enable,
  4. Configure the current shipping methods and payment or
  5. Add shipment,
  6. Tick enabled and default, enter name, price, description,
  7. Enter Additional information about your delivery and payemnts
  8. Press Save.


  1. Press Paypal,

  2. Tick Enabled,
  3. Enter Cliend Id,
  4. Enter Secret,
  5. Press Save.

How to get Secret for PayPal

  1. Log into PayPal account,
  2. Go to PayPal Delevoper's panel,
  3. When on My Apps & Credentials site, go to REST API app section,

  4. Press Create App,
  5. Enter App Name and leave Sandbox developer account without changes,

  6. Press Create App
  7. When PayPal's App is ready, go to Live tab,
  8. In Live API Credentials section you can find Client ID and Secret,

  9. Copy Client ID and Secret and paste in Paypal configuration in Sotebuy's panel.


  1. Select Color scheme,
  2. Choose whether to show products or pages on your homepage,
  3. Enter Description for search engines and social media,
  4. Enter navigation labels,
  5. Add banners to your homepage,
  6. Enter your Site title,
  7. Press Save.


  1. Tick Comment enable,
  2. Press Save.


  1. Tick Comment enable,
  2. Tick Show date,
  3. Press Save.


  1. Select Language,
  2. Select Time zone,
  3. Press Save.


Press Upgrade to Premium if you want extra features.


Price: 20 USD / 1 year


Price: 100 USD / 1 year